Measurement services and the maintenance of soil

With the development of the age very rapidly in various fields would also not less interesting is the area of land we all know who does not need good soil that individuals Institution / Agency Law and Government itself. Land is very important for life on earth perananya because the land capable of supporting life for all creatures hidup.salah one dream state and nation are realizing the welfare and prosperity of the nation and one of them is the utilization of the divine creation of the land. Pengfungsian optimal land by the state will benefit the lives of the people, good benefits through land management and natural resources contained in the earth, water and soil.
Benefits of soil mensertipikatkan:Individuals and communities

   1. avoid physical conflict.
2. provide legal certainty about ownership and control of land rights.
3. with a certificate that is owned can be used as bank collateral.
4. make authentic evidence for inheritance
5. as an authentic proof in disputes suati
6. Collateral for sale
7. avoid annexation of land by other parties
8. limiting the government for not arbitrary arbitrary taking people’s land

   1. Facilitate registration of land administration
2. Allows the government to find privately owned lands, private and government / State
3. As restrictions on the government not to arbitrarily take people’s land
4. . Allows the government to know the types of property rights, right to build, use rights, lease rights, etc.
5. Giving opportunity to the government to lease land to foreigners and / or domestic company
Social benefits to society
Created order and peace to society, because it does not conflict over land.
Based on the above then we as service providers take care of the land to remind individuals and companies to register their land to avoid future disputes.
JasaMnegurusTanah supported tiem professionals will help you to register the land in the district of Sleman District. Simply order online and some of the requirements our team will be doing the registration / Convert / split / merger / division of inheritance / Grant Field for your land. Efficient, Fast and Reliable!


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